The South Australian government has announced that 457 visa workers earning a household income of over $77,000 can expect to up to $6,100 in school fees from next year. This move brings SA into line with WA, NSW and the ACT.

Charging parents working in South Australia on 457 visas to send their children to public schools is expected to earn the State Government an extra $11 million to spend on early childhood education.

The Education Minister stated that ‘it was fair to ask 457 visa holders who make a temporary home here to make a modest contribution to the cost of providing public education. The money will help fund early childhood education which is one of the most crucial areas of our education system’.

Any family supported by a 457 visa worker  with a household income of $77,000 or more can expect to pay $5,100 per year for primary school students and $6,100 for secondary school students.

The average 457 visa worker earns a base salary of $90,700 compared to $70,100 for the average full time working South Australian.

For the first year, the new charge will only apply to people who arrive in SA from January 1, 2017. From January 2018, it will apply to all 457 visa holders living the state regardless of when they arrive.

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