Information & Digital Technology industry has been rapidly growing and is one of the fastest developing industries in Australia. The current economic contribution of ICT industry to Australia’s GDP is in excess of 5%, and is boomed from $50 billion in 2011 to $79 billion in 2014.

However, even with the consistent growth, Australia’s ICT industry has seen a skills shortage towards local workers, and jobs have been being filled by overseas migrants. Overseas workers most likely see themselves as the holders of 457 (Temporary Work) Skilled visas. Although 457 visas are found in almost every industry in Australia, recent report indicates that overseas workers across IT industry are much higher than the 1% average than other industries, and 457 visas holders have made up of over 10% of Australia’s ICT industry workforce.

Temporary overseas workers have been a crucial factor to ease local skills shortage, and their diverse background and knowledge brought in to local digital industry is significantly valuable to the growth of Australian ICT industry. 457 visa program has been the successful pathway to bring a large number of highly-skilled ICT professionals into Australia.

The future of ICT in Australia looks promising, with the economic contribution of the internet and digital world predicted to increase from $79 billion in 2014 to $139 billion by 2020. With a new government investing money into programs to increase digital literacy and Science, Technology, Education and Maths (STEM) skills and skilled migration set to increase, it is hopeful to address the skills gap and allow the ICT workforce to drive the future of Australia’s economy.

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