Fiancé or Prospective Marriage Visa

Subclass 300

About Subclass 300 Visa

As its name suggests, the Fiancé or Prospective Marriage Visa allows the fiancé(e) of an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen to travel to Australia in order for them to get married. Subclass 300 applicants must agree to marry within 9 months of entering Australia to be granted this 9-month temporary visa. 

Before the Prospective Marriage temporary visa expires, the Subclass 300 holder should marry his fiancé and apply for the Onshore Partner Visa (Subclasses 820 and 801).

PR Pathway: Partner Visa

When you and your sponsor arrived in Australia to officially get married, you’ll be eligible to apply for a partner visa (subclass 820-801). You should lodge your application for partner visa before your subclass 300 visa expires.

To apply for a Partner Visa, you and your spouse must meet the following main requirements:

    • You and your spouse are in a mutually exclusive relationship
    • You have a genuine and continuing relationship 
    • You are living together as a couple, or you are living apart but only on a temporary basis

If your relationship continues and you are able to meet the requirements referred until the end of this 2-year stand-down period, you will be eligible to apply for a Permanent Partner Visa.


You must be at least 18 years old

You have the intention to marry your fiancé residing in Australia

You and your intended spouse have met in person 

You personally know your prospective spouse

You meet health and character requirements

***Note: Arranged marriages are no exception to this eligibility requirements. You and your sponsor should have met as children and the marriage was arranged before you turned 18 years of age or you met online. (Exchanging photographs does not count as evidence for meeting in person.)


The minimum requirements for the Fiancé or Prospective Marriage Visa are as follows

On the Relationship

  • Be at least 18 years old and not be closely related
  • Be both single and free to marry one another
  • Have the genuine intention to get married within nine months of the visa grant date (where the marriage may take place either in Australia or overseas)
  • Have physically met and personally known to each other
  • Have the sincere intention to live together as a married couple

For the Sponsor

  • Be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen.
  • Not have previously sponsored more than one other fiancé, partner or spouse for migration to Australia, and not have sponsored a fiancé, spouse or partner for migration to Australia within the last 5 years (unless there are compelling circumstances)
  • Not have been sponsored for a Spouse, Partner, or Prospective Marriage visa by someone else within the last 5 years (unless there are compelling circumstances)
  • Be able to provide police checks to the department when requested, and
  • Consent to the department disclosing any conviction for a “relevant offence” to the applicant(s) you are sponsoring.

It should be noted that your sponsorship will not be approved if you have been convicted for a relevant offence and a substantial criminal history.  This offence includes, but is not limited to, offences involving violence, intimidation, breaching a protection order, people smuggling, human trafficking, and weapons.


    • You must be outside Australia when you apply for the visa and when the visa is decided.
    • The visa lasts 9 months from the date it is granted. It cannot be extended.
    • You should marry your fiancé and apply for a Partner visa (subclass 820 and 801) before the Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) expires.
    • You can include your dependent children or stepchildren in your application. If you are granted the visa, your children will have the same rights and visa conditions as you.
    • You and your children must comply with Australian laws and your visa conditions.
    • You can find your visa conditions in VEVO.
    • Sponsors must be the fiancé of the visa applicant.



Step 1. Pre-application (compile all paperwork)

If you’re a candidate for a subclass 300 visa, your first step is to compile all paperwork/documents for your application. That may include:

    • Proof of identity
    • Former relationships
    • Proof of relationship with your fiancé
    • Current health exam results
    • Dependants you bring with you

Step 2. Submit Application

When you have all your paperwork/documents, you can lodge your subclass 300 application to the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA). Make sure all the information included to your paperwork are accurate for it may greatly affect your application.

Step 3. After you apply

You’ll get a notification confirming that DOHA successfully received your application. You must not enter Australia and wait for the decision of the Department before you arrange your travel.

Step 4 – Visa Application Results

You’ll be notified on the results of your visa application. If your visa is approved, you’ll be provided with:

  1. Date of your visa validity starts
  2. Visa grant number
  3. All visa conditions you need to comply oN

In case your visa is rejected, you’ll be provided with the reasons why it was disapproved.


Travel and stay in Australia for up to nine months

Travel outside Australia as many times as you want.

 Work in Australia

Study in Australia (at your own expense)

Travel outside Australia as many times as you want while your visa is valid

If you and your Australian partner are planning to take your relationship to the next official level and get married, ensure a smooth, hassle-free, and fast visa approval by working with a reliable and experienced migration expert like our team at Think Visa. Call us today for a free assessment of your visa needs and options!