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We Bring Families Together

At Think Visa we understand that visa services go on a deeper and more personal level, such as those that connect families together. Every child deserves to be with his or her parents especially during early, formative years. Because of this, we aim to deliver only top services that will assure your loved ones stay close.

we do the thinking for you

Our team has extensive experience in dealing with different types of cases with different levels of complexities. We understand that every case is different, thus, requires a more tailored approach. With this, we customize a personalized Migration Action Plan (MAP) for you in aim of making your process a lot more guided and easier.   



Child Visa (Offshore)

Given to a child whose parent sponsors them to live in Australia as a permanent resident. The parent’s partner can also be the sponsor of this type of visa.   



Adoption Visa

Given to an overseas adopted child to live with his or her adoptive parents in Australia. The child can be either already adopted or in the process of being adopted.  



Child Visa (Onshore)

Given to a child by an eligible parent sponsor to live in Australia indefinitely. This is the same with a subclass 101 visa, but for the 802, a child must be in Australia. The child must also be younger than 18 years old.  

We simplify the
process for you.

Going through your visa application should be simple. We do not believe in long processes that do not guarantee successful results. We believe in finding a fast route while doing it wisely and accurately. After all, when it comes to our families, especially our children, we take these matters seriously. 

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