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Family is the most important

Think Visa values the gift of family and loved ones and understand more than anyone the innate need for people to be with their loved ones. We are always looking to expand list of visas and migration solutions that cater to your personal circumstances. Whether it is bringing your partner, children or family to Australia – we look at all the visas available and determine the most suitable pathway for you and your family.


Think Visa has extensive experience in dealing with work visa and different migration scenarios, even cases with complexities. With the best migration agents, immigration lawyers and specialists – we customise a personalised Migration Action Plan (MAP) that is bound to make your transition as stress-free and guided as possible. The options available under this category are listed below. Or you could just contact us to identify your best option.


 This category of visas is primarily intended for permanent residents and citizens to bring their partners to work and live in Australia. There are permanent pathways available for applicants and dependents.


 This category of visas will allow parents or adoptive parents (permanent residents or citizens) to bring their children to Australia to live with them.


 This allows holders of temporary Australian Visas to bring their family member to Australia to live and work. There may be permanent pathways as well.


 This category of visas allows permanent residents and citizens to bring their parents to come live with them in Australia. There are permanent pathways available.


 This category of visas allow permanent residents and citizens to bring their family members who no longer have any other family members to come and live with them in Australia.


Above visas does not apply to you? These other visas might.

We simplify the process for you. 

We believe that everyone deserves the right to be with their loved one – and their immigration status should not stop you. That is the reason why our team is dedicated to preparing the best applications to help you bring them here to be with you. We work closely with you and your family to get the best outcome. Always. 


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Don’t risk a refusal by applying for your family visas without the right advice. Find out everything you need to know before deciding your next course of action. Fill in your details and a member of the Think Visa team will contact you to understand your circumstances.