Significant Investor stream

What is a subclass 188C visa?

A subclass 188C is a provisional visa for people who are willing to make at least AUD 5 million investment in specific complying investment categories in Australia. There is a straightforward pathway to Permanent residency after the investment matures in 4 years 

Basic Eligibility

Have minimum assets of $5million AUD

Must be able to invest a minimum of AUD 5 million in Australia in complying investments upon visa grant 




We will check that all eligibility requirements are met and you have sufficient evidence to support your claim 


Expression of Interest

We will indicate your intention to apply for this visa and the state you want to go to 


State Nomination

We will need to obtain a state nomination approval before we can lodge your visa application 


Visa Application

We have 60 days to lodge the visa once we received the state nomination approval

What benefits are you entitled?

Successful applicants and holders of Subclass 188C Significant Investor Visa (SIV) will enjoy the following privileges and benefits:

Pathway to Permanent residency after state government bond matures in 4 years 

Full Work and Study Rights

Main applicant only need to live in Australia 160 days out of the 4 years to meet the residency requirement for Permanent visa. 

We simplify the process for you

A business visa can require a lot, but it does not mean it should be stressful. Part of our priority at Think Visa is simplifying the application process for our clients, meaning we provide thorough walkthroughs, reminders, and collaborative efforts in pursuit of your visa grant.  

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