Business innovation (provisional) stream

What is a subclass 188A visa?

The Subclass 188 represents the Business Innovation & Investment Visa – Business Innovation Stream. This is a temporary visa and if you meet certain requirements, you may then apply to receive permanent residency in Australia. In order to first apply for the Subclass 188A, you would need to submit an Expression of Interest via a points test.

Basic Eligibility

Ownership of a business with turnover of at least AUD$ 500 000 for at least 2 of the last 4 fiscal years

Under 55 years old, unless the nominating state or territory certifies that the applicant will make an exceptional economic benefit

Net personal and business assets of at least AUD$ 800 000

Have an overall successful career in business

points – test

In order to be eligible to apply , you must score at least 65 points in the points test and only this stream would require you to do so. Additionally, even though the pass mark is 65 points, the more point you can claim will increase the chances of you attaining an invitation from the department. The test gives points for various elements of human capital and business innovation and includes objective measures of business performance.


English Ability



Value of Assets

Business Turnover

where can you apply for subclass 189?

You can be inside or outside Australia when you submit your EOI, Subclass 188A Business Innovation Visa or when a decision is made on your application. There is no limitation on this.

To be able to lodge from within Australia, you would need to hold a substantive visa or a Bridging Visa A, B or C. Once you apply from within Australia, you will receive a bridging visa that will allow you to remain in Australia during processing of your visa application.

If your current visa is refused or cancelled however, you might not be eligible to apply for the Subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa while you were in Australia. 

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