Subclass 188

business innovation & investment (Provisional)

What is a subclass 188 visa?

Known as the Business Innovation & Investment (Provisional) Visa, is a provisional visa that allows its holder and any dependents to stay in Australia temporarily. There are 5 different streams for the Subclass 188 Business Innovation & Investment Visa. There are permanent residency pathways for this visa and the requirements for each streams are different.


Application Process


Determine suitable stream

The Subclass 188 Visa has 5 different stream and each stream has different requirements. This means that we will first need to determine the most suitable stream based on your specific circumstances.



Expression of interest (EOI)

In order to apply for the Subclass 188 Visa, you would first need to submit an Expression of Interest. Depending on the stream, the submission of the EOI will differ.


state nomination

The next step would then be to apply for a state or territory nomination. The requirements might also differ depending on which state you are intending to apply for.




Once you have received a formal invitation from the Department of Immigration, you will be eligible to prepare and lodge your visa application. It is at this stage you would need to prove the points claimed in your EOI. 

Available Streams

188a - business innovation

This stream is ideal for business owners looking to establish and manage business operations in Australia.

188B - business investor

This stream is ideal for individuals who are able to invest at least $1.5 million in Australian state or territory bonds.

188c - significant investor

The stream is ideal for those able to invest at $5 million into complying investment in Australia.

188d - premium investor

The stream is ideal for those able to invest at $5 million into complying investment in Australia.

188E - entrepreneur stream

The stream is ideal for individuals who have a funding agreement from a third party of AUD$200000. 

Why business visas?

As a Subclass 188 Visa holder, you will be able to conduct business activities in Australia. Since the visa provides temporary residency, you would be able to stay in Australia legally and potentially attain permanent residency if requirements are met. Known as one of the most difficult visas to handle in the the Australian visa hierachy, there is complexity when it comes to making sure the process is done correctly. As one of the business visas experts in Australia, we make sure to create a smooth transition for you to make sure your documents are all in order.

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