AAT Appeal & Legal submission

getting refused is not the end

Immigration can be a complex situation. One mistake can lead to a visa refusal or cancellation. Fortunately, if you have been denied an Australian visa, it is not yet the end. There are steps you can take to pursue your application such as an appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) or further legal submissions.   

How can we help you?

An AAT appeal and other legal submissions are the last steps you can take to a visa grant if you have been denied before. Therefore, professional help is needed at this point. If you decide to come to us, we have our team of immigration lawyers who will assist you throughout the whole process. We provide thorough assessment of your case, best possible solutions, and constant reminders of deadlines. Rest assured, we will walk you through the whole process and do all the legal matters for you.   

AAT Appeal & Legal Submission

An AAT appeal calls for a reconsideration on an Australian visa application. This could be filed after a refusal or cancellation. Legal submissions are further necessary at times to justify reason for appeal.   

application process 

Applications to an AAT appeal must be lodged within the set time limit. Persons applying for an appeal must begin with a written statement, briefly mentioning the reasons for application. However, since this is an appeal, reasons stated must be properly justified. This is the starting point where our team can help with legal advice.   

we can simplify the process for you

At Think Visa, we do all the thinking for you. We understand legal matters can be complicated and confusing. It is why we aim to simplify the procedure and assist you all throughout. We will work closely with you to thoroughly assess your case. We believe by doing so garners much positive results while assuring a stress-free process.  


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