As of July 1, 2017, the Australian Government have introduced a streamlined visa which enables New Zealand citizens living in Australia to gain permanent residency.  This visa is specifically targeted to NZ citizens residing in Australia and results in permanent residency.

The main visa criteria are that the main visa applicant has lived in Australia for five (5) years, that they have been gainfully employed in Australia and that their salary for the last four (4) years as evidenced by  Notices of Assessment from the Australian Tax Office (the ‘ATO’) meet the salary benchmark.  The Australian tax office is not concerned with your assessable income prior to claiming tax deductions.  The relevant document is the Notice of Assessment from the ATO

If you have been reducing your taxable income via claiming deductions due to an investment property, we can advise you as to the best way to legally remedy this problem so that your taxable income meets the salary benchmark.

Only family members who are considered “dependent” on the main visa applicant can be included as part of the visa application.  So any adult children who are working and earning a good salary to support themselves cannot be included on their parents’ application.  But depending on their age, salary and length of stay in Australia, adult children of NZ citizens may be able to do their own visa application.

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