A new legislative amendement has created the Legislative Instrument – F2016L01745 Migration Legislation Amendment (2016 Measures No. 5) Regulation 2016, which in turn has created a new Subclass (Visitor) visa stream known as the Frequent Traveller.

Frequent Traveller Stream

Frequent Traveller stream for frequent travellers will permit both tourism and business visitor activities and allow for  up to 10 year’s validity.

The Schedule 2 criteria will be that the applicant intends to visit Australia:

                     (a)  as a tourist; or
                     (b)  to engage in a business visitor activity.

The visa will allow the visitor multiple entry with a stay of 3 months after each entry. The visitor must not stay in Australia for more than 12 months in any period of 24 months.

The visitor must undergo a medical assessment if requested by the Minister in writing to do so.

It’s a pretty fantastic idea and will definitely benefit those with business in Australia, or just love Australia. Unfortunately, this visa stream is currently only open to Chinese nationals, but there is intent for this to grow to include other countries.

This visa comes into effect from 19 November. The application charge for this visa is $1,000.

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