The Australian Government is continuingly trying to attract people to live and work in our beautiful country.
In particular, the Northern Territory (NT), being a remote area within Australia, are actively seeking new initiatives to reflect just how serious they are about getting more people from within and outside Australia to live and work on the state.
The state is offering not only nominations for General Skilled Migration under visas Subclass 190 Skilled Permanent State-Nomination Visa and the Subclass 489 Provisional Regional Sponsored Skilled Visa, but also programs to offer resources and free seminars in Australian cities for permanent residents and citizens who are considering to reside to the Northern Territory and other states within Australia, whilst also assisting Northern Territory employees in particular, with sponsoring workers on the 457 Visas. 

They have created the “Territory Worker Database” as a great way for job seekers and Northern Territory employers to connect. This database allows you to register your skills so that potential employees may find you, even before you arrive to the Territory. This information brings great prospects for those who are considering Australia for General Skilled Migration.

So what are the requirements? The Northern Territory Government will consider your application if;

  • Your skilled occupation is listed on the NT’s Migration Occupation List, or
  • You have a skilled occupation that is on the CSOL (Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List) but not on the NT’s Migration Occupation List AND you are able to provide evidence that there are job prospects in the NT in your occupation, or
  • You complete a full-time course of at least 2 years of duration at Charles Darwin’s University campus in the NT, or
  • You have an occupation on the CSOL and you have family in the NT

An international candidate for a job in the Northern Territory under the DAMA agreement will still need to demonstrate they have the minimum skills and experience required for Australian occupation for which they have been nominated under the Northern Territory DAMA arrangements. These qualifications and experience will ultimately depend on the occupation nominated.

TO APPLY:  Candidates need a full time job offer from an employer in the Northern Territory

Occupations which are not listed on the CSOL but you can still be sponsored under include;

  • Child Care Worker
  • Aged or Disabled Carer
  • Dental Assistant
  • Bar Attendant (Supervisor)
  • Waiter (Supervisor)
  • Retail Supervisor
  • Hotel Service Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Retail Manager
  • Barista
  • Gaming Worker
  • Beauty Therapist
  • Tour Guide
  • Crowd Controller or Security Consultant
  • Warehouse Administrator
  • Law Clerk
  • Library Assistant
  • Motor Vehicle Parts Interpreter
  • Crane, Hoist or Lift Operator
  • Boiler
  • Engine Operator
  • Earthmoving Plant Operator
  • Excavator Operator
  • Linemarker
  • Mobile Plant Operator
  • Bus Driver
  • Delivery Driver or Truck Driver (General)
  • Storeperson
  • Scaffolder
  • Steel Fixer
  • Tyre Fitter
  • Nursing Support Worker / Nursing Assistant

If you are an international student who has not completed at least two years of study in the Northern Territory, you can still apply for state nomination but only for the subclass 489 Visa and if;

  • You have lived in the NT for at least 3 months, while also working on your occupation (six months if you finished a course at diploma level for Welfare Workers) prior to applying for nomination (see important information for applicants already residing in Australia),

International Student graduates and holders of Skilled Graduate (Subclass 485) Visas, who have studied elsewhere in Australia and have not completed at least 2 years of study at a campus of the Charles Darwin University in the Northern Territory, will generally only be considered for Subclass 489 visa sponsorship.
Some popular occupations on the Northern Territory List that are not on the SOL;

  • Accomodation and Hospitality Managers (Hostels, Pubs, etc)
  • Cafe or Restaurant Manager
  • Cooks
  • Actors
  • Arts Managers
  • Divers
  • Dieticians
  • Graphic Designers
  • Hairdressers
  • Hair Salon Managers
  • HR Adviser
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Sport coaches
  • Recreation Officers
  • Translators and Interpreters
  • Webdesigners

Flexible Requirements for 457 Sponsorship Visas.
Concessions may be available to Northern Territory employees- so long as they have been agreed between the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the Department of Business. The concessions include access to occupations that are not normally made available under the standard Subclass 457 Visa arrangements on the CSOL.
Northern Territory employers MUST meet eligibility requirements so that they may be endorsed by the Department of Business to access this agreement called DAMA.

There are many other requirements from the Department of Immigration, from Skills Assessment Authorities and from the NT authorities as well.

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