New Premium Investor Visa (PIV) announced

The Government has announced important changes to the Significant Investor Visa and the creation of a Premium Investor Visa.

The Significant Investor Visa (SIV) commenced on 24 November 2012. On 7 March 2014 the Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection announced a review of the SIV. The purpose of the review was to ensure that programme settings:

•    maximise benefits to the Australian economy
•    are attractive to potential applicants
•    have appropriate integrity measures to prevent fraud and to screen out inappropriate applicants.

The new Premium Investor Visa (PIV) will require and investment of $15 million, nomination by Austrade and has no residency requirements. PIV holders will be eligible for permanent residency after holding the complying investment for a total of 12 months.
Other changes include:

•    the involvement of Austrade in the nomination of applicants on behalf of the Australian Government and in determining complying investment policy
•    allowing ‘role swapping’ between primary and secondary applicants during the provisional visa stage
•    introduction of 180 day residency requirements for secondary visa holders
•    changes to improve visa processing times

These changes will be made progressively through the 2014-15 programme year, with changes requiring legislative amendment expected to come into effect from 1 July 2015.

The changes will not apply to current SIV holders or current applications.

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