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Best Migration Agents in Melbourne

Our expert team of migration consultants based in Melbourne will take care of your visa application. Think Visa is a registered migration agency you can trust. We’ll do everything from preparation and lodging to follow up with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship if needed. We’ll give our best to give you the highest possible chance of visa approval.

Think Visa Migration Services

There are various types of Australian visas. Below is the list of categories you might want to explore (If you’re still unsure which is the right visa, don’t hesitate to contact us):

  • Tourist Visa/Short-Stay Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Skilled Visa – General Skilled Migration (GSM)
  • Other Visas (Citizenship, Bridging Visa, Resident Return Visa and Retirement Visa Pathway)

To make it fair to our prospect clients, we at Think Visa do offer a 15-minute phone assessment for FREE! It is a friendly initial assessment to set both our agents and client’s objective before proceeding to the formal consultation.

Step 1 – Initial Video/Face to Face consultation

  • Visa application case analysis
  • Point relevant visa you may be eligible for
  • Explaining the process we’ll take for your application
  • Estimate/average processing time

Step 2 – Case Follow Up Process

  • Prepare all necessary paperwork
  • Additional consultation (if necessary)

Step 3 – Pre-lodgement Review

  • We’ll review your documents for any possible errors/mistakes.

**We also offer this service for those who choose to apply on their own.

Step 4 – Lodge Application

  • We’ll lodge the application on your behalf

Step 5 – Application Follow-Ups

  • If the Department of Immigration request/require additional documents from you, we’ll contact you
  • If there are sudden changes in your information (e.g. contact details; changes in marital/de facto status; childbirth) update us.

Step 6 – Visa Application Results

  • Results of the application
  • Date of visa validity
  • Visa grant number
  • Visa conditions you’ll need to comply on

Migrating to or from Australia will be stress-free with Think Visa

Our network of immigration agents and lawyers in Melbourne and across the country are always here for you. We are dedicated to giving you the best service and make the process simpler.

Think visa team is your expert consultants for immigration services. We have legitimate passage to every Australian state and territory. The biggest network and the best resources to ensure you get the right information and quality migration services. Our meticulous standards and adherence to correct procedures helped us become the most trusted immigration agent in Melbourne.

The next steps for a successful visa are ahead. Take our free 15-minute phone assessment and you’ll be closer at getting your Australian dream.