The beautiful city of Melbourne has been voted the World’s #1 City- Again!
This marks the sixth consecutive year that Melbourne has held the prestigious title, bestowed to us by the Economic Intelligence Unit.

It is well-known that Melbourne held particular attraction to foreign investors due to its safe-haven status. Offshore interests are continuing to fuel record volumes of commercial investment in Melbourne after it retained its title as the World’s Most Liveable City.

International buyers add to the strong demand which exist from all categories of local investors. “we are in a unique situation where basically all categories of buyers want to buy, and very few want to sell.”

All these factors helped contribute to the populate growth levels that is said to see Melbourne become Australia’s biggest city.

The current and projected socio-economic environment of Melbourne attracts offshore investment, many of which are very familiar with Melbourne due to generations coming here to study and returning to invest. Foreign investors are currently estimated to account for around half of office property purchases in Melbourne, and around one-third of transactions in both the retail and industrial sectors.

This is great news for those thinking of migrating or even visiting the great City of Melbourne.

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