The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has been assessing 457 visas more strictly than ever. Official statistics released by DIBP indicate a 10% drop in 457 visa applications granted when compared to the same time last year. Number of 457 visa refusals went from 2130 in Q4 2014 to 4450 in Q4 2015.

The figures indicated in the statistics may be worse as Migration Agents have noticed the department of immigrations’ stricter stance on their assessment of required documents. Some Migration agents have reported cases where an application was lodged on Sunday and received a refusal the following day- Monday. When DIBP was queried about this decision, the Department advised that sc457 applications including sponsorship, nomination and the visa application must be decision-ready or risk refusal.

The statistics released show that there are 85,900 sc457 primary visa holders in Australia which is over 4,000 sc457 visa holders compared to last year. Most sc457 holders come from the following countries; India and the UK who, combined make 40% of the 85,900 sponsored. The occupations that received the most sponsorship are Cooks, Café Managers, Marketing Specialists and Chefs. It comes as no surprise that most sc457 holders are located in NSW (42%) and then Victoria (24%) and WA (14.9%).

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