Increasing migration levels to see Australian population double to almost 50 million
February 24, 2014

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released its first population projection in five years on 26 November 2013, estimating that Australia’s population will double to 46 million by 2075 1.

This projection is based on a medium growth scenario using the latest population trends of the 2013 Census and Department of Immigration and Border Protection data. High and low growth scenarios cater for the 46 million mark being reached either as soon as 2058 or after 21011.

A key driver for this population growth can be found in the increasing migration figures into Australia, with 240,000 immigrants per year included in the current projection compared to 180,000 in the previous figures; as explained by ABS Demographer and Assistant Director Phil Browning to SBS Radio’s World News Australia program2:

“The previous set that we did assumed 180,000 per year, so we’re 60,000 higher than that number. But that number itself was 70,000 higher than the set that we did before, where we set net overseas migration at 110,000. So migration has gone up a lot in the last five years,” said Browning.

In fact, as much as 60 percent of Australia’s population growth is expected to be driven through migrant arrivals3, with almost 15 million immigrants expected to come to the country across the next six decades2; while the Department of Immigration and Border Protection notes that Net Overseas Migration (NOM) rates “have outstripped the natural increase (the excess of births over deaths) in the population since 20053.”

Following the release of the latest projection by the ABS, there has been much discussion in the Australian media and political circles regarding the country’s ability to cater for such numbers and the position of migrants in assisting with the country’s ageing population, with many arguing in the negative while others have noted the benefits brought to the country by skilled workers2,4.

For Alliance International Migration Services (AIMS) the contributions offered by skill migrants to Australia are clear – a view supported by the Executive Officer for the Settlement Council of Australia Sky de Jersey, who stated to SBS Radio’s World News Australia program that2:

“Continuing to support migration through strong settlement services is essential. There’s a lot of research on the positive benefits and the positive economic and social and civic contributions of (migrant) backgrounds to Australia and that’s leveraged and strengthened when you have strong settlement services, particularly in the early stages of settlement. People can do really, really well and if you look at the top billionaires and millionaires of Australia there’s an interesting number of them from (migrant) backgrounds,” said de Jersey.

The clear benefits for Australia by continuing our success at attracting skilled migrants to Australia is a key reason why our experienced team of immigration lawyers work hard to ensure our clients can access entry to Australia via a number of routes with as much ease as possible.

Do you need assistance or have questions about possibly migrating to Australia – perhaps as an employer-sponsored entrant, a business owner or investor, an international student, or as a relative or partner of an Australian resident? AIMS is the leader of Australia’s immigration specialists with an experienced team of immigration lawyers ready to assist you with a full range of visa and immigration services. For more information, contact AIMS today for a no-obligation chat on +61 3 9078 6819 or Alternatively, visit for more information, including details of our fixed price offering and free online assessment option.


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