Many new Australian permanent residents or citizens have their parents living in their home countries. Such separation is sad and there is certainly a pathway for overseas parents to migrate to Australia.  What are the basis requirements for overseas parents to be eligible for a parent category visa? 

  • Eligibility

You may be eligible to apply for a parent category visa as long as you have a child who is able to sponsor you. Meanwhile there is a Balance of Family Test Criteria that would require the applicant’s compliance.

  • Sponsors

You will need to have a sponsor to apply for a parent category visa to live in Australia as a temporary or permanent resident. The sponsor must be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen who is 18 years of age or over and has lived in Australia lawfully for at least two years before the parent lodges their visa application.

  • Balance of Family test

All applicants for a parent visa must meet the Balance of Family test. The Balance of Family test is designed to determine the extent of your links to Australia. You meet the Balance of Family test if:B

  1. at least half of your children live permanently in Australia, or
  2. more of your children live permanently in Australia than in any other country.
  • Assurance of support

Applications for a permanent Parent category visa require an assurance of support. An assurance of support is a legal commitment from an individual or organisation to give you financial support so you do not have to rely on social security payments. The assurance covers you and any family members included in your application.

  • Capping and queuing

The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection may limit how many people can get a certain type of visa each year. This limiting of visa is called capping. Parent and Aged Parent category visas are subject to capping. Contributory Parent category visas are not currently capped. If you are applying for a visa that has reached the capping limit, you must wait in a queue until more visa places become available. This may be for many years and you will have to continue to meet all visa requirements.

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