Studying in Australia is a wonderful experience. If you are an overseas student, you should be aware of your visa status (i.e. visa conditions, expiry date etc.).  We are approaching the “magic” 15 March deadlines, if you choose to continue studying in Australia remember your visa will NOT renew itself. You should prepare the necessary documents and lodge your renewal application early.  Meanwhile, a change of course or education provider may also require you to notify the Department of Immigration & Border Protection.

Some of the important documents you may need are your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE or eCoE) from your Australian educational institution, evidence of your financial capacity, English language proficiency and evidence of Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC). You may need to provide different documents depending on your nationality and your course of study as required by your education provider and Department of Immigration.

A migration agent is a registered professional under law to provide immigration-related legal advice and can help you to prepare your application. If you seek for professional assistance from a migration agent, you should expect full support and professional advice, who will guide you throughout the preparation process and all the way to visa grant. A good migration agent should also give you relevant advice to study towards to a good migration and career outcome.

If you were found to not comply with your visa condition, your visa may be subject to cancelation which will also affect your future stay or visa application in Australia. To make sure your visa application is with safe hands, give us a call on +61 3 9078 6819 or email us on to discuss your situation or visit our website on