Cook and Cafe or Restaurant Manager are still the most popular jobs for 457 skilled visa.

A total of 108,870 people with 457 visas were in Australia as of June 30, up slightly on the same time last year, according to a new Immigration Department report.

But the number of such visas granted in 2013-14 was about 25 per cent down on the previous year.

Across Australia about 52,000 people got 457 visas in 2013-14, with cook the number one job (2720 visas), followed by cafe or restaurant manager (2070), computer programmer (1900), marketing specialist (1470), university lecturer (1290) and general practitioner (1270).

In Victoria, there were 960 cooks approved, 560 programmers, 430 cafe or restaurant managers, 370 lecturers and 350 IT business analysts, said the department’s Subclass 457 Quarterly Report.

Nationally, top source countries for 457 visa grants were India (23.3%), UK (18.3%), China (6.5%), Ireland (7.2 %) and USA (6.2%).

Between May and June this year the number of applications rose by 9 per cent to 5010.

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