About Bridging Visas  

Bridging visas are temporary visas that allow a person to lawfully stay in Australia while waiting for a substantial visa application to complete or until an immigration status is resolved.  


What Are My Options?  

Bridging Visa A (BVA)
This bridging visa allows you to stay in Australia even after your primary visa has expired, provided you have lodged a subsequent visa application in Australia while your primary visa was still valid. The BVA does not allow holders travel rights. If you exit the country while holding a BVA, you will not be lawful when you come back again.  

Bridging Visa B (BVB)
This bridging visa allows you to leave and return to Australia lawfully while waiting for your substantive visa application to complete. The BVB is valid for 3 months and must be applied for 2 to 3 weeks before planned travel. You must return to Australia before the BVB expires. It is also possible to hold both a BVA and a BVB.   

Bridging Visa C (BVC)
This bridging visa allows you to stay in Australia while waiting for your substantive visa application to complete. The BVC is usually implemented automatically when you lodge a visa application in Australia. It is advised to ask your agent about this.  

Compared to the BVB, this visa does not give you travel rights. As for work rights, a BVC only allows a holder to work if his/her substantive visa application is for one of the following:  

  • Subclass 132: Business Talent Visa 
  • Subclass 188: (all stream) Business Innovation and Investment Visa (Provisional) 
  • Subclass 888: (all stream) Business Innovation and Investment Visa (Permanent) 
  • Subclass 186: Employer Nomination Scheme Visa 
  • Subclass 187: Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa 
  • Subclass 189: Skilled Independent Visa 
  • Subclass 190: Skilled Nominated Visa 
  • Subclass 489: Skilled Regional Visa 


Bridging Visa D (BVD)
This bridging visa is for migrants whose substantive visa has ended, allowing them to stay in Australia for a short period of time until they can lodge a substantive visa application, make arrangements to depart Australia, or be granted a Bridging Visa E. This visa is valid for only 5 days.  

Bridging Visa E (BVE)  
This bridging visa allows a person whose substantive visa ended to lawfully stay in Australia while finalizing immigration matters or while planning to depart the country. In some cases, this visa provides work rights, depending on what is written on your BVE grant letter.  


Our Process  

Step 1: Book Your Consultation 
The first essential step in your migration process is to book a consultation. This is the stage where we identify the best and most suitable pathway for your circumstances.  

Step 2: Personalized Migration Action Plan (MAP) 
After attending a consultation with us, we will provide you with a personalized MAP. This includes a checklist where we tell you how to prepare relevant documents and samples if necessary.  

Step 3: Collection, Review, and Drafting 
An application is not just about the submission of documents – it also includes the process of reviewing the documents to make sure that they are up to standard. What we mean by this is to ensure that every piece of documentation that we submit has been carefully reviewed by our migration specialists based on the standard of the Department of Immigration.  

Step 4: Lodgment and Submission 
Here at Think Visa, we prepare what we like to call, Decision Ready Applications. This means that applications prepared by us are not only of high standard but also organized in a manner that is easy for the case officer to decide on and therefore significantly reducing processing time for you. There are circumstances that might require you to provide additional information in which we try to anticipate beforehand. 


For questions, email us support@thinkvisa.com.au

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