Former NSW Premier and Foreign Minister under the Labor government has made a plea to significantly cut Australia’s migration program after believing that an increased population in Australia is focused on certain continent only.

It is unclear as to what type of research or economic modelling Mr Bob Carr has based his notions on when he made the attack on the current policies which allows about 190,000 permanent migrants annually to live in Australia.

Mr Carr’s comments came after the announcement that Australia’s population officially hit 24 million on Tuesday. He was of the opinion that the country’s population was far greater than “what we need and what we can absorb, environmentally and economically…and it is based on a flawed economic model – which is we need to build up a domestic population”.

As he spoke to the media, he made a comparison with Indonesia stating that Australia’s population rate is higher than that of Indonesia which has got developing-world status. Nonetheless he failed to mention that in Australia, the median age is about 38 years with life expectancy at 82 years and a fertility rate under replacement levels and at its lowest levels in 10 years. However, in Indonesia the median age is about 28 years with life expectancy at 71 years and a fertility rate of 2.47.

Sources from the Treasury statistics indicate that in Australia the number of people aged between 15 and 64 for every older person has fallen from 7.3 in 1974-1975 to an estimated 4.5 this year. By 2054-55 the figure is likely to be 2.7.

A treasury report has stated that in order to maintain Australia’s existing age structure through immigration would require increases in immigration every year and the increases would need to grow aggressively larger to make allowances for the ageing of the migrants themselves.

Based on the Migration Council of Australia’s independent economic modelling last year, Australia would need to raise migration levels to 250,000 per annum in order to sustain the economy, maintain sustainable GDP levels and remain competitive internationally.

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