80% of Australians think that immigrants are good for the economy according to an annual poll conducted by the Australian National University. The poll shows that 70% of Australians think that Australia should maintain its current level of migration or increase it; however 45% think that Australia should implement stronger measures to prevent illegal immigrants.

The poll also shows 29% of Australians think that immigrants increase crime rates; this has dropped by 5 percentage points since 1995.

Australians in 2015 produce the following statistics regarding what it means to be Australian:
•    Respecting Australian laws and political institutions (96%)
•    Ability to speak English (92%)
•    Feels like Australian (87%)
The above characteristics were ranked as more important than being born in Australia.

The sentiment of being Australian has expanded beyond its nation grid. While 90% of Australians said they felt close to their country, 48% said they also felt close to Asia/Oceania and 44% said the Queen and Royal Family are very or fairly important to Australia.

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