Australia is a nation known for attracting many different kinds of tourists. However, Chinese tourism around the globe is experiencing a boom in terms of the numbers of tourists and the types of tourism. Australia is competing for this market. It is not the only country that is trying to benefit from Chinese tourism, with Australia only attracting 1.5% of all Chinese outbound travellers – making it 15th in the world. Chinese tourists are now Australia’s largest visitor market.

This increase in tourists is set to continue, with a 22% growth already recorded from 2014 to 2015. The amount that Chinese tourists spend in Australia, last year alone, amounted to A$6.2 Billion, which is 21% of all money spent by overseas travellers. The government are trying to invest in maximising this economic benefit, which is not surprising.
Australia are trying to ensure that the ‘tourism experience ‘is what the Chinese people want. The tourism industry is now in partnership with the government to address different ideas in enhancing their knowledge of the Chinese digital platforms used, and the specific Chinese social media channels to adjust the experience for the this market, in improving things such as the food and dining experiences and wanting to offer more in Mandarin and other Chinese languages.

Australia is also looking at the potential to attract more Chinese brands to Australia- including Hotel Chains, clothing brands and entertainment experiences to improve the satisfaction of Chinese tourists. This is good news for Chinese businesses looking to work or be established within Australia.
Often Chinese visitors will holiday in Australia to look for information about an investment property or business or perhaps schools or universities as places for their children to attend. In order for Australia to benefit from the Chinese tourism industry, it must place their efforts in engaging these interests and creating a linking pathway in order for the tourism industry to continue growing.
At the moment, only 4% of Chinese own a passport- which is said to grow another 12% within the next 10 years. Australia can also benefit in terms of protecting its natural environment, as one of the main attractions for Chinese tourists is the clean and green and native animals.

Australia has recognised that now is the time to plan for how the vast Chinese market can generate the greatest overall value to Australia. This may be targeting luxury travellers, environmental or cultural special interest markets, or young millennials. This plan means Australia can target particular market segments to maximise the return for Australia.

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