Complex Case Studies


Our team helped more than 10,000 migrants in relocating to Australia. We’ve experienced various complex cases and was able to win an approved visa for our clients. Give us the most complex case and we’ll be up to the challenge.

We can assist you with:

    • Complex application
    • Case resolution
    • Visa refusal appeals
    • Family reunion application
    • Applications under Humanitarian Protection
    • Appeals process
    • Immigration detention
    • Cancelled Visa

All the services mentioned above and more, bring them to us and we’ll be ready to give you the best professional advice to save you from all the stress of the visa application process. Let us bring your chance for an approved visa higher. Our professional immigration lawyers and expert migration agents will do the work for your visa application.

Think Visa Stress-free Migration to Australia

Our team here at Think Visa is dedicated to giving you the best service and making the whole migration process easier and simpler for you. We have the best group of immigration lawyers and expert migration agents who have helped more than 10,000 visa applicant make their Australian dream come true.

Think Visa has the biggest network and the best resources, ensuring you get the right information and quality migration services. Our meticulous standards and adherence to correct procedures helped us become the most trusted immigration agent in Melbourne.

The next steps for solving your visa problems are ahead. Take our free 15-minute phone assessment and you’ll be closer at fixing your Australian dream.