In May of 2013 the Migration Council Australia released a landmark report on the 457 visa program which analysed a survey of 3,800 visa holders and 1,600 businesses. To read the full report, click here.

CEO for the Migration Council Australia, Ms Carla Wilshire, stated in a press release announcing the report that:

  • 457 visa holders reported a high level of job satisfaction
  • 4 out of 5 million companies are using 457 visas to train and develop Australian workers
  • 85% of employers are satisfied with the scheme and most are using it to fill skills shortages
  • That other uses of 457 visas outside of filling skill shortages include addressing skill deficits and playing a part in workplace development at an enterprise level
  • More than 70% of 457 visa holders intend to become permanent residents in the future
  • Some compliance issues were identified, including that 2% of respondents reported incomes lower than the threshold set by regulations
  • The results point towards the growing trend of ‘two-step’ migration where demand from employers drives immigration
  • A recommendation was made to introduce a price signal to encourage businesses to hire Australian workers, providing funds to strengthen compliance efforts and provide services to 457 visa holders in need.

As it was published in May of 2013, the report came ahead of legislative amendments in July of 2013 which provide for the requirement for labour market testing, the prioritisation of Australian workers and boosted monitoring and prosecution efforts for misuse of the 457 visa system – a key amendment given the fact that the report also states that 15% of employers said they had no difficulty finding suitable labour locally yet sponsor employees from overseas for their vacancies.

As a “political hot potato”, the 457 visa can be seen as an often moving target, with legislation and public opinion around its implementation likely to be subject to further change in the near future. It is because of this fact that it is vital that organisations seeking to sponsor candidates for a 457 visa ensure they are across all of the legal nuances of the visa requirements.

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