Outcome 2 of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection budget covers matters for migration and citizenship. The highlights of this outcome are listed below:
•    Working holiday visa holders no longer enjoy the tax free threshold of up to $18,200 and will be paying 32.5 cent on every dollar earned by them in Australia; this is expected to save the budget by $540 million over 4 years
•    The Department will make changes in the efficiency of processing temporary visas to skilled migration visas, which will save the budget an estimated $168.1 million over 4 years
•    The intake for humanitarian visas will stay at 13,750 places before rising to 18,750 places in 2018-2019
•    The intake for permanent migration program will remain at 190,000 places which will be made up of 128,550 places for skilled workers and 57,400 places for family reunion applicants.
•    Allocation of $14.5 million for the expansion of the Adult Migration English Program to include refugees on temporary visa
•    $1 billion to be reduced on funding to international aid
•    Opening the possibility of Working Holiday Visas to Indian nationals
•    Lawyers will no longer have to register as Registered Migration Agent to practice
•    Merging Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority back into the Department of Immigration and Border Protection
If you have any questions about how these budgetary changes will affect you please do not hesitate to contact us.

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